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Virtual Reference : Legal Research Study Aids

This Virtual Reference video  on Youtube explores the topic of Legal Research Study Aids.   The conversation takes place between Hololibrarian characters – Bonnie Bright, a second year law school student and Michael Mulligan, a first year law school student.  The five print resources covered are available at most law school libraries along with many academic and public libraries.  Study aids and resources reviewed include :

The popular on-line legal research tutorial database from The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction  (CALI) is also cited and referenced.

This Legal Research Study Aids video is about four minutes in length, and employs multi-layer learning dynamics – including text, body language, and graphic transitions. The conversation takes place between peers and is targeted towards peer consumption with subsequent referral to higher authorities (law librarians).  The video is rendered in HD format, and can be scaled up to large screen applications.  As a YouTube video, it will also scale down nicely for hand-held media devices.



2 Responses

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  2. Graphics are great, but NO ONE uses Restatements as a study aid!!

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